Friday, October 9, 2015

Jury: The wrong person had to leave “Idol” – Aftonbladet

Magnus Englund was forced to leave “Idol”.

A blaring according to the jury.

– People are voting for the participants as they feel sorry for, say Laila Bagge.

Both Ida da Silva and Bori Shoyebo was cut by the jury but when viewers said his was the Magnus Englund , who had to leave “Idol”.

Afterward Alexander Bard very surprised.

– It is a record bang. But there is often a blaring well into the season that falls then. We the jury tries to tell every year that viewers should not forget to vote for their favorites, but people do it anyway until this happens.

Was that the wrong person went out?

– Absolutely. That is what is sad, when the voting is over, there is not much you can do.

“We were very harsh against some of the participants’

Anders Bagge agree that it was a bang:

– But people forget to vote for those who deserve to go further. He was third in Aftonbladet last week. He would not have gone today.

Laila Bagge agrees:

– I do not either.

Meanwhile, Laila Bagge one explanation of why Magnus Englund had to leave.

– We were very harsh against some of the participants and Sweden work in the way that people think that we are too harsh. Then it becomes angry and vote for the participants to feel sorry for.

“It is disappointing and sad”

Magnus Englund himself surprised that he lost the vote.

– It is disappointing and sad. But also nice in a way. It feels good that I’m so proud of myself that I have taken so far by the experience I had when I was looking for.

– It has been a journey for me so I’m really happy. But I am surprised, of course. But someone has to leave, and now it was me.


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