Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reveals details of new Morran and Tobias – Expressen

It won the award for this year’s program at Crystal Gala and the fans are incredible dedication in social media.

Now Johan Rheborg reveals new details about the continuation of the hit series “Morran and Tobias”

– We have quite a funny idea. It’s an absurd series so it is not a linear continuation of the way, the actor says to Aftonbladet.

Already in his acceptance speech at the Crystal Awards promised Robert Gustafsson continuation of SVT-hit “Morran and Tobias,” which he makes with Johan Rheborg.

– There will be a continuation, we promise, said comedian and actor live after he received its price.

At the same time took the opportunity colleague Johan Rheborg, who plays Morran, to thank the dedicated viewers.

– Thanks to all who chose to tattoo my face on his body, he said then .

But even before that could Expressen tell that the duo is working on a follow-up to a possible new season.

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In the early summer greeted when Robert Gustafsson via a text message to the duo wrote then in full swing on the new material.

“There are plans for a sequel of” Morran & amp; Tobias’ and authors, ie I, Johan Rheborg, Stefan Wiik and Mats Lindberg writes now in full swing. Yet neither is clear about in what form or what channel or platform, “wrote Robert Gustafsson then.

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Now, says Johan Rheborg on Aftonbladet that one has a clear idea of ​​how the future will look like, but want not disclose any details. And about a possible new record is in the same dilapidated house before is unclear.

– The house has been torn apart, I do not know if it is still there. It has become fashionable to go there and pluck out the cabinets, I do not think there’s anything left. I know that the house was nailed again but it was torn up again, says Johan Rheborg to the newspaper.

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