Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Lagercrantz writes more Millennium Books – Expressen

David Lagercrantz created major attention with its standalone book in the Millennium series when it was released earlier this fall.

Now it is clear that he is writing two more books.

– I simply can not resist, says Lagercrantz now isolates itself to write.

There are less than three weeks ago David Lagercrantz said in the TV show “Skavlan” that he was eager to write more Millennium books for “That which does not kill us,” which was released earlier this fall.

– I have some ideas that would work. They are in my head so far, so there is nothing that even Salander could hack into. I have written down some in secret, but most are those up there, he said then, and continued:

– It is tempting to write another book.

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But maybe the plans were more advanced stage than this. For on Wednesday night joined the publishing house Norstedts with the news that there will be two more books in the series.

– I simply can not resist. There has been so much fun to write, and such a breathtaking adventure. Also, I think I have a really good story, says David Lagercrantz on the publisher’s website.

The author has not been reachable for a comment. According to Magdalena Hedlund Hedlund Agency, he asked not to get interviews.

– David has spoken to journalists all over the world for several months and is nearly exhausted after all the attention and need to recover, she says:

– David would love find the time to write and focus, he is passionate about this project.

The two new books will follow up “That which does not kill us,” which is a sequel to Stieg Larsson’s trilogy about Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist.

Stieg Larsson’s books have now been sold in over 80 million copies worldwide. David Lagercrantz book was released on 27th August. The fifth book will be published in 2017 and the sixth is likely in 2019, according to the publisher.

– Reader Reactions for “That which does not kill us,” has been so positive worldwide. We are so happy and grateful to David Lagercrantz has continued to write about the world and the characters that Stieg created. Now we look forward with excitement how he will continue the story, says Joakim Larsson, who manages the legacy of Stieg Larsson.

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“That which does not kill us,” has created a lot of attention, especially since Stieg Larsson’s life partner Eva Gabrielsson has been highly critical of the book. While authoring colleagues Henning Mankell and Leif GW Persson has been critical of Lagercrantz Group’s work and, among other things, called it “theft”.

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