Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Erba portrays instead to agitate – Swedish Radio

It is a nervy travel, reading Augustin Erba new novel, “Blood Bound” like a freelance journalist Sara Abdollahi, covered in depth.

Augustin Erba made her debut as a novelist in 2009 with” Solitude bridges “. Now, his second novel, “Blood Bound”. To follow the protagonist Amadeus from child to adult, and family who are refugees from Egypt, to follow class trip down that begins when the family is placed in Fisksätra where the lady in the gray blouse let us know that unless they are grateful for the new home, so they can virtually work back to where they came from.

Unlike from the debut “Solitude bridges” where Erba depicts two childhood friends who do military service and torn apart by the system, he depicts in this Roman family whose history is constantly breathing down the neck. There is love, betrayal and identity as the book revolves around.

I read about a loveless Sweden in which racism manifests itself in sometimes subtle, sometimes physically tangible violence. Nevertheless, the book becomes interesting precisely because Augustin Erba mastered the art of portraying rather than to agitate; He gives neither the moral or political interventions.

I read about parents struggle for a dignified life in Sweden, if the child’s shame when the father says “ättegomlick” instead of a moment, and if the feeling of pulling on the mail-order boots that are three sizes too big and the only couple that the family can afford.

The reading makes me angry; for while all that is story for some, it is a possible reality for others.

Erba puts his finger and delves deep into the experience held by too many children and parents at some time have had to cross a border. In the story fits a mother who constantly suffer from migraines because she can not cope with life, a father struggling with his thesis, even though the money is not enough and a dog in the background reminds us that our time here on earth is fragile and that Happiness is dependent on our relationship with each other.

I cry when reading, but still feel hope when I come to resolution. It was long ago a novel touched me so deeply.

Augustin Erba working on Sweden Radio. Therefore, we let Sara Abdollahi, chief editor of the magazine writer and editor of Cult Watch, read the novel.


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