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So will the new season of Homeland, and here are the questions we need to answer to – Dalarna Tidningar

Two years have passed since Carrie left Islamabad and life as a CIA agent’s over. Now she lives instead in Berlin, where she works for a private security company. She has tried to leave his former life behind but it is hard and she pulled once again into the intelligence secret world.

When the final episode of the fourth season, appeared almost a year ago left viewers with many questions that we can finally get answered. For those who need a quick summary of the new season, we bones out the main issues.

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Where’s Quinn, and what will happen between him and Carrie?

Quinn tried long to leave the CIA. He was ready to start a normal life together with Carrie and her daughter. After some hesitation seemed that Carrie was also ready. But at the insistence of the CIA became Quinn had to go out on another secret mission and Carrie has no idea where he had gone.

It is already established that Quinn will appear in the new season but there still remain many questions. Where he finds himself, he will survive and he and Carrie be able to resume their relationship? Rumors go about Carrie in the new season had time to find a new boyfriend in Berlin … Will it be Quinn or the new man who will be her new great love for Nicholas Brody?

What pysslar Saul?

The CIA has been divided and it seems that Saul, Carrie’s mentor and friend, has gone to the “bad” side. In the last episode of season four, he collaborates with the questionable employee there. The question is if Saul really changed sides, or if he is playing a game.

In the trailer for season five we see a scene when he tells Carrie that she is naive and stupid. Will they still be on the same side or will Carrie are forced to work against him?

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What happened to Haggani?

In the last season was Carrie’s mission to stop terrorist Haissam Haggani but he got away. Is he still alive and will Carrie is forced to take up the fight against him and his terror in season five?

How is Carrie?

Carrie constantly fighting with his bipolarity. Have calmer life in Berlin in the private security company changed her? The series has continually gone from focusing on Carrie’s mission to be more and more about her private life. Probably next season going in the same direction and we get to see more of Carrie unsuspected sides.

The first episode of the new season will be released on SVT Play at 22.00 in the evening. The same section shown in BBC1 October 11.


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