Wednesday, October 7, 2015

“Solsidan” want to end on top – Sydsvenskan

The series plays she was Anna, who in the new season gets an acting role and “lives up a bit,” according Mia Skäringer.

– She goes from whining in maternity clothes to try to pick up his own life again.

The same applies Josephine Bornebuschs character Mickan, who has decided to to launch own beauty salon – something that makes the creak of the marital joints. Husband Freddes principles are questioned and an odd parterapeut, played by Johan Ulveson, called in.

But otherwise trudge the popular comedy series in the past, characterized by its recognizing humor about everyday problems and intimate partner.

– We have found a sound in the ‘sunny side’, and do not let the characters change too much because people have had a relationship with them. It’s a comedy in it, says Johan Rheborg.

Henrik Dorsin that play säregne Ove would not say that his character developed in the new season, where he rescues a kids, go on class reunion and crashes a meeting in Norway, but that they might see other sides to him.

– He is not a person develops, he is a person who thinking that the rest of the world is crazy as he is normal.

Season Five is supposed to be the show’s last, but neither the actors or TV4 want to call the end for the final.

– You do not want to put a lid on the whole, it is not that we have “three crowns” -sprängt entire Solsidan, says Josephine Bornebusch, who are willing to return to their role in the future .

Malin Cedergren Bladh, who plays Ove’s wife, Annette, agrees:

– There might be a series where they live in a retirement home on the Costa del Sol, she says.

Meanwhile, the gang agreed that the ‘sunny side’ may need a break.

– There is something beautiful in hoisting the flag while it is top, says Mia Skäringer.

They agree that they will miss most of the series is workmates, the entire team.

– You will miss the chemistry we actors had. Sometimes we laughed so much that it caused problems, continues Mia Skäringer.


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