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“The Leftovers” leaves the basic shape – Göteborgs-Posten

The mysterious HBO drama “The Leftovers” takes in season two a step in a new direction. We have met the protagonists Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon to get their view on the shift.

Justin Theroux plays Kevin Garvey, Jr. in “The Leftovers”. In the second season, leaving Kevin and his girlfriend Nora (Carrie Coon) Mapleton. PRESS IMAGE. HBO

Justin Theroux do not think people can escape from themselves. “You can not cut away the devil from one’s internal,” he says apropos of the second season of “The Leftovers”. Stock Photography. Jordan Strauss


Fact: “The Leftovers”

American drama series created by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta.

Season one began airing on HBO in June last year. In Sweden it is transmitted by HBO Nordic.

The story of “The Leftovers” begins three years after the two percent of the population has suddenly disappeared. 140 million people have been wiped out from the face of the earth. At the center of the story is the Garvey family, where dad Kevin’s police chief and his wife Laurie have joined a sect that has been the disappearance of focus.

The second season is broadcast by HBO Nordic on 5 October.

“Lost” -skaparen Damon Lindelof is behind the HBO series “The Leftovers” was during the first season almost parodic across clearly. Enigmatic unit around the premise – two percent of the earth’s inhabitants suddenly disappear – could reach somewhat absurd levels. The season finale of “The Leftovers” depicted the New York suburb of Mapleton in chaos, riots and fires, but no real answers about why the disappearance occurred, had not yet been delivered to viewers.

Completely new characters

The questions Neither are answered in season two. First, it seems to be another television series to have ended up in front, then the first episode is told on the basis of completely new characters, in a whole new place: the inhabitants of the Miracle in Texas, which is the only US city that is not affected by the disappearance. Before the episode finishes viewers, however, returned to the protagonists of last season. Kevin Garvey, Jr. (Justin Theroux) and girlfriend Nora (Carrie Coon), after kaoscrescendot Mapleton moved to the Miracle of trying to start again.

“Can not run ‘

TT hits Justin Theroux and Carrie Coon in a hotel in Beverly Hills, where the two quick strikes at the idea of ​​being just that – a completely new start in life – is something that is possible for people.

You can not escape from himself, says Coons before Theroux adds his perspective: I agree, especially when it comes to our characters. It is not possible to cut away the devil from one’s interior, as well. Many people think that geographic relocation is a way to leave all their internal problems behind. But it does not work that way. It is mostly the same crap in a new place.

The shift in the TV show’s direction was a decision that Damon Lindelof took with writer and fellow privateer Tom Perrotta, whose book “The Leftovers” was the basis for the season one. Partly reasonably because of the frustration that many viewers revealed, but according to Lindelof also to new characters and locations fit into the show’s more overarching story.

Playing with the television narrative

Justin Theroux estimated Damon Lindelof bluntness about the change:

Damon just wanted to make another season if he found a convincing basis for it, which I completely trusted that he would succeed. He plays with a typical TV series narrative in a very cool way. Conventional narrative can easily feel worn out. The cast looks drastically different, huge changes have occurred in tonality and scenes may result is reversed. And he uses never unexpected grip to mislead, or to get ratings. It always has a greater purpose, says Carrie Coon.

But even if season two of “The Leftovers” has the least surprising entry points, Damon Lindelof features such television series creator persisted, says Justin Theroux.

He does not build TV series with a particular destination in mind but about the purely emotional theme that he wants to explore. For me, it creates a kind of infinity in the material.


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