Saturday, October 3, 2015

So remember the friends Göran Hägg – Expressen

Ingvar Oldsberg led “on track” when Göran Hägg was included in the program: “It is a loss and we had the pleasure to be with him in several occasions in the track. He was a great athlete and a great person, who combined gleam in the eye and good language and knowledge ”

Photographer: Robin Aaron

Caroline af Uggla was the same team that Göran Hägg “On track”: I was so sad when I received the George’s death. Thought so much about Goran. We was a little soulmates. as well as completely as though completely different, she says.

Björn Hellberg was a judge in the “On track”: “He was good, especially literature knowledgeable. I was surprised that he was not in the Swedish Academy. He was festive, I must say,” he says.

Photographer: Patrick C. Osterberg

Ohly participated frequently in the news panel Göran Hägg. “I miss him already. He was incredibly hot. I knew him not close, but we had immensely when we met. It was never going to beat him on his fingers, except the sports”.

Photographer: Jens L’Estrade

Göran Hägg was often in the news panel in SVT’s Gomorron Sweden. Last two weeks ago: “When he was in ebullient form,” says Dr Lundin, editor of the program. “He contributed very strongly that it was a good call. The viewers liked that you could twist and turn different perspective,” she says of Göran Hägg.

Göran Hägg’s publisher Stephen Hilding: “It is shocking. I met him a few weeks ago.” He says Göran Hägg really burned for writing: “It was the best he knew in life.”

Culture journalist Ulrika Knutsson: “He could let the brazen and ruthless but during clapped a warm heart, I admired his popular education style. A good journalist should never be boring,” she says of Göran Hägg.

“He has been in our broadcasts since ancient times. He had sharp opinions, talks with him was so insanely fun and enriching experience. He was a brilliant student in this. I do not think I’ve met such a cultured man who Goran, the rubbed off on one, “said Marianne Rundström leading SVT Gomorron Sweden.

Photographer: Olle Sporrong

Kristina Axen Olin sat with Göran Hägg Gomorron Swedish news panel: “It’s so horrible. It’s a big shock because he was so very alive. I met him ten days ago and then he was at full speed. It is extremely difficult to understand, “she says.

Photographer: Anna-Karin Nilsson


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