Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alcazar-star taken to hospital by ambulance – Aftonbladet

Alcazar artist Lina Hedlund fell ill during a performance at the Hamburg Stock Exchange in Stockholm and had to be rushed to the hospital.

It is confirmed by the boyfriend Nassim Al Fakir for Nöjesbladet.

– I’m on my way there now, I do not know more than you right now.

It was during the Alcazar show “Disco Defenders “the artist Lina Hedlund suddenly taken sick in.

– I just got a call here now so I’m on my way there now, says the boyfriend Nassim Al Fakir Nöjesbladet.

He knows not what or why Lina Hedlund suddenly fell ill, but suspect it may be a febrile seizure.

– Everyone in the group is right colds and they run pretty hard.

“In the midst of it all so she breaks”

According to witnesses chose Lina Hedlund to go to center stage during the performance.

– She was in the early and late in the middle of it all so she breaks and goes by the stage. A little later we found out that the ambulance was on the way and that the show was canceled, said a visitor.

– There is little information about what is happening and everything. You can not be disappointed when another man taken to hospital, but it is very poor with details now. They say nothing.

While the visitor Richard Bönström witnessed the event.

– They could only run for 45 minutes approximately, and we noticed that Lina was only in the first and second song. We thought it was strange they usually always run together. Then an elderly man came up on stage and said “we have to stop now for Lina is seriously ill and taken to hospital in an ambulance,” said Richard Bönström.

“Seriously ill”

According to another visitor was Lina Hedlund away for several songs before the show was broken.

– She was lacking in a few numbers and then came the technical manager and said that she had been seriously ill and that an ambulance was on the way .

Maria Olander is the manager of the Alcazar:

– What we know right now is that Lina middle of the ongoing show at Hamburger Exchange taken to hospital by ambulance. Most likely it is several days of cold and fever that caused kollapen. Lina feel under the circumstances well and are well looked after, she says to Aftonbladet.

Nöjesbladet searches Alcazar.

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