Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Emotional panic that were not there: “I noticed that I was losing myself” – Aftonbladet

She was chosen by this year’s Bachelor Par.

But before that got Rebecca emotional panic when he went on a date with Alexandra for love day.

– I tried sniffing production, she says to Aftonbladet.

He had a wonderful date with Rebecca.

But then duty called for Bachelor year; Pär packed his suitcase and went on yet another dream your date – with Alexandra.

– I wanted to give every situation a hundred percent chance. It was very clear that I felt something for Rebecca, but I tried to focus on Alexandra during my and her date, he said.

Did throughout the body

And Rebecca was day one tough emotional ordeal.

– Pär had been away on dates in several weeks, but when he went away after our last date, I felt in my body that I cared. When hurt a little when we had come so close to each other, she says to Aftonbladet.

She began to snoop among TV4′s team.

– I tried sniffing with production how their date was planned, but they gave me no. It was there I noticed that I was losing myself. I could not lie to myself – I had fallen.

“Felt more complete with Rebecca”

And there were also couples. Despite the feelings of Alexandra was the love of Rebecca who won.

– Although it was passionate and emotional filled with Alexandra felt it was not so long before. It felt more complete with Rebecca.

In the television screen he praised his chosen love.

– It feels so sick damn good, I’m definitley love. It feels like we are fucking made for each other so it is not wise.

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It is important for a Bachelor

years of single life Pär has known what he wants from a partner.

– Humor is probably the most important. That you can relax and time just disappears away. And now I must be jätteattraherad of my girl and I was of course really. I think of course that Rebecca was intelligent, she had the whole registry. I have never met anyone who has everything she had, he says.

And Rebecca fell for Pär already advertising the film that made her sought for the program.

– As he stood where in denim shirt and waved his rose, I thought he was, I sought: a fresh and solid guy. During our horse a date in the program, I fell completely, I saw he was as I imagined. It was just so good to hang. The other girls were talking about that they would “ask it there and that” when they were with the couple, I said early Pär I do not know what to ask, I just want to know and socialize.

bachelor Dissen Opened his heart – and was ratad


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