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Outstanding win for “Exodus” and Josefine in “Paradise Hotel” – Aftonbladet

In the evening stepped Josefine Caarle and Robin “Genesis” Andersson as winners of Paradise Hotel.

A superior profits – not a single attend takers voted for Erica Freij and Zannie Hahn.

– Of course you want to win, but almost rather lose kind to Emma and Oliver, but to win against a very easy couple, says Josefine.

They checked in together – and checked it out together. Now you can Josefine Caarle and Robin “Genesis” Andersson finally scream out that they have won the Paradise Hotel.

– It is still unreal. It’s been crazy hard to keep from saying anything, says Lev.

– I think the whole thing is so fine that I just won the Lev. It feels powerful in that we checked in together, says Josefine.

But the couple are disappointed that they could meet Erica and Zannie in the final.

– I think it was boring . I wanted to be a real final. I felt that there was no tension in it, says Lev.

“I was not quite a hundred”

Josefine and Genesis share the prize of half a million crowns. No dropped the ball – but Mos had their doubts.

– When they said 350,000 Jossan did something strange. She looked kind of Adrian and I thought no, what the hell is she doing now. So I was not totally a hundred if I’ll be honest, he says.

Josefine says the idea struck her, but to release the ball and disappoint Gen. never really was on the map.

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– When I came down Adrian winked at me, and then I got an energy force and thought, Genesis would probably not be so mad at me if I do it? I do not see it as a big deal. But then when I found myself, I thought that this must be managed nicely, no bus now, says Josefine.

– I get a little off triggered by such things. Make if we would release it, no one believes it. But that would only be if the puree was with it.

“We argued how much any”

When the final was over, Mos glad to pack their bags.

– I was actually damn glad to leave the hotel. I was terribly happy, he says.

Josefine felt differently:

– I wanted to be there, I did not feel ready. But I understand the Exodus, we were in there so incredibly long. I never went out and Exodus was only there a few hours. We were there 24/7, she says.

For viewers Josefine and puree produced by one of the hotel’s most stable couples, but now they reveal that much could not be seen television.

– I and Jossan teasing what seems like forever, they show just when we fight, says Lev.

– But your gut knew anyway that we were always there for each other. The band is very cool, says Josefine.

“In the house, she was like a snake”

Both Josefine and Exodus says that they have had feelings of love for each other. They awakened when they spent nearly two weeks together in Mexico before they stepped into the hotel, but once inside the house, it became cooler.

– In the bungalow huts began to grow feelings for me. We came close to each other before we went into the house. I felt my emotions flared up Genesis and thought it was damn hard. I tried rather to press a button and turn them off. And I managed fine with, says Josefine.

– I have not been the guy who has huge feelings for girls and so, but I liked to fuck with Jossan and we had a blast. It popped up some emotions, but the fan in the house, she was like a snake, says Lev.

“I regret lay in TV”

Josefine agrees and says that Genesis really is got to see who she is, both inside the hotel and outside.

– I myself was shocked that I could just turn and run my own race, she says.

But now you are outside the hotel again. Is there a chance for love?

– Hm, I’m still a snake, says Josefine and laughs.

– We are great friends and we have a blast, but we will see, says Lev.

Undo you something?

– I regret that I was in television. Once I had done it once, I thought I might as well do it again. My attitude from the beginning was not to have sexual intercourse on television, says Lev.


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