Thursday, December 3, 2015

Program Manager’s foreword Winter 2015/16 – Sveriges Radio

Knowledge really is boiling hot when in 2015 becoming 2016 World peoples and leaders are facing major challenges and are trying to understand the complex to act wisely.

This knowledge is most clearly evident when listeners for the fifth year wish the Summer hosts they want to hear again. And internationally sought-hosts accept the listener’s desire, despite the many claims on their time.

John Rock Power s Summer went off like a rocket in social media this summer. Professor of environmental sciences warned of the urgent global environmental risks and the listeners’ request we made an English version. Following the UN’s major climate summit in Paris he will sum up what had happened to the world that fateful year. The question is, will we make it in time?

Hans Rosling received throughout Globe boil last fall when he made his inflammatory speech about the refugee crisis. This professor of international health requested for the second time as Winter Host and he will live to tell about his two great discoveries.

Terese Cristian Andersson returned in their Summer of people she met as a foreign and described how life is on the edge of hell for people in war-torn areas. In winter, she’ll tell you about the hope and joy, for people who manage to give the injustice of a slap in the face.

In its Summer told Alice Teodorescu family’s escape from Romania and as political editor debating, she often integration and refugee issues. Listeners now wants to hear her again and this time will be the topic of love.

Another of this year’s Summer hosts, Sanna Lundell , talked about a feminist awakening, and his decision to opt out of the conventional. In winter, she will talk about the weakness of contempt and the need to examine itself.

The listeners seeking knowledge on how they can think and act in order to achieve success. The lecturer Kjell Enhager guides many people from different spheres. Now it will be about faith, hope and love – if yolo swag.

We start the series with artist Lars Lerin in their winter last year gave voice to various fictitious listener. The characters were so well that listeners wondered who these critics were. A new career was added to this multi-talent.

On New Year’s Eve broadcast actor Olof Wretling from Idunteatern in Umeå with the audience on the spot! He will share the audience and listeners the diagnosis he had access to when he asked for their records.

Climate Threats, refugee crises, love, war, humor, feminism and Yolo. Listeners’ choice says undeniably a lot of the time we live in now.


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