Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Anger against the television channel – after the news of the death of Bowie – Aftonbladet

For five days ago she cut all contact with the outside world when she stepped into the “Big Brother” house in the UK.

Therefore, it took time before exfrun Angie Bowie received knowing that David Bowie has died.

Outside picture she later Monday information.

– Stardust is gone, said Angie the other participants in the house.

This year’s edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” began on January 5 in the UK. Into the house stepped Angie Bowie , David Bowie first wife. Since the participants do not know anything that goes on outside the “Big Brother” -house walls was reached she is not directly by the news of David Bowie’s death.

– After the very sad news about David Bowie’s death this morning, we confirm that Angie Bowie will be informed outside the picture today, at the earliest possible opportunity. We will update further once this has been done, said Channel 5 on Monday.

Was told behind the cameras

On Monday afternoon confirmed Britain’s Channel 5 that they took Angie Bowie aside and given her the news of the death . She has chosen to remain in the competition.

– It is entirely her own decision. She has been given the choice to leave the competition when she wants if she changes her mind, writes production on the program’s website.

In 1970, married 20-year-old Angela Bowie David Bowie. They divorced in 1980. Together they have a son Duncan Jones .

broke down in “Confession”

After Angie Bowie received the news she chose to share their feelings with viewers in the so-called “confession”.

– I have not seen him for so many years, so I can not make a big drama out of it. I feel that an era has just ended. I’m very sorry. Stardust has left, she says with tears in her voice.

She was subsequently supported and accompanied in the room by producer David Guest and actor John Partridge.

The production has given Angie Bowie opportunity to leave house if she changes her mind. And given her access to support if needed.

Channel 5 criticized

The decision to send when Angie Bowie collapses criticized now by viewers. Some accuse Channel 5 and the production behind the “Celebrity Big Brother” to exploit David Bowie’s death to greater audiences.

– The Channel 5 decided to show Angie Bowie’s reaction to the news of the death of her ex husband as entertainment is indefensible, writes one viewer according to NME.


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