Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Johan Renck knew Bowie’s disease – Expressen

He kept cancer secret from almost everyone.

Now confirm Johan Renck, who directed David Bowie’s last music video that he knew that the star was sick.

– I was not able to take in what he says.

Early yesterday morning came the news that David Bowie lost the fight against cancer. A fight he had kept secret for 18 months.

Very few knew that David Bowie was at all sick.

David Bowie’s parting gift to fans became music video for “Lazarus”, which was released just days before the star died.

Now confirm Johan Renck, the Swedish co-directed the music video, he knew that David Bowie was ill during the shooting.

– In July, you told me you were sick. We never talked about it again except to drug morbid joke. It permeated and colored naturally our conversations during work but I was not able to take it in, writes Johan Renck on Instagram and continues:

– Instead Included I work as a note about the death, a nod to that then comes and comment about the concept of inheritance. What else could I do?

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Johan Renck also tells that he dreamed of David Bowie.

– I dreamed I encountered outside of a cold and damp building deep in Brooklyn. I cried because I thought you were dead. “Who said that?”, You responded with your infectious smile.

– “The world, the world said it to me.” Then you smiled even wider and said “fuck the world”. I roared and we laughed. “You’re bigger than me.” So fuck the world.

The music video for “Lazarus” was filmed by Vermlander Crille Forsberg. He did not, however, that David Bowie was sick.

– I knew nothing, it is clear that it will be a little shocked. But what a superhuman husband has had to deal with, he said to Expressen yesterday.

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Crille Forsberg noticed nor David Bowie was poor.

– No, absolutely not. He poured on as if nothing had happened. What a fighter he was able to record, even though he was so bad. He delivered the very end.

David Bowie’s longtime collaborator Tony Visconti has also confirmed that the “Black Star”, released on David Bowie’s 69 birthday was a “last gift to the fans.”

– He did “Black Star” for our sake, it was his parting gift. I’ve known for a year that it would end like this but I was not prepared for it. David was an extraordinary man, full of love and life. He will always be with us. At the moment it is fitting that cry, he writes on Facebook.


He always did what he wanted to do. And he wanted to do it his way and he wanted to do it the best way. His death was …

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