Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Billion legacy of David Bowie – Expressen

He wrote 700 songs, toured the world and made real estate business.

Here are a billion legacy as David Bowie leaves behind.

After secretly battling cancer for 18 months arrived yesterday’s announcement that David Bowie has died.

Now comes new information on the inheritance superstar leaves behind.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, David Bowie, who released 27 albums and over 100 singles, good for up to £ 600 million, around 7.4 billion Swedish kronor.

Meanwhile, sales of his albums increased greatly after his death.

According to the Daily Mail, see David Bowie’s last album “Black Star” like it will be his tenth number one. At the same time classic albums as “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust” and “Hunky Dory” has entered the digital charts.

Just hours after his death, 12 of David Bowie’s albums had taken into Itunes The top 20 list. Spotify has performances by David Bowie’s songs has increased dramatically.

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According to the Daily Mail, David Bowie a fortune between 135 million pounds and 600 million pounds. A great contrast compared to 1974 when David Bowie reportedly almost broke.

A large portion of David Bowie’s fortune comes from his successful world tours. According to the Daily Mail sold Serious Moonlight tour (which also came to Sweden), over 2.6 million tickets. During a gig in California had David Bowie, an audience of 300 000. Four years later took the tour “Glass Spider” into 120 million pounds in today’s value.

In addition, he sold over 140 million albums.

1997 launched the David Bowie so-called “Bowie Bonds”, bonds in the future låtintäkter to have pulled 35 million pounds.

David Bowie also made several property transactions around the world. Among other things, he has owned real estate in New York, Switzerland, Sydney, Los Angeles and London.

Bowie’s assets will probably be inherited by his wife Iman, his son Duncan Jones and her daughter Lexi.

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