Monday, January 11, 2016

“I turned down Bowie’s Christmas’ – Göteborgs-Posten

When David Bowie was in Gothenburg in 1999 to guest Bingolotto got John “Red Top” Larsson get behind the wheel.

– I had worked for Ema Telstar under the law for many years as a driver for various artists and was asked if I wanted to drive Bowie and his entourage, says Johan “Red Top” Larsson.

Said and done. Red Top went to Hisings Kärra, leveled out “a roaring big Mercedes” and drove to the airport and picked up the artist.

– They were in punch in a few days so it was that I drove them a bit criss-cross, mostly between the hotel and Bingolottos studio in Jonsered. They were not looking so much outside the hotel that I know of, he says.

His strongest memory of days with David Bowie was that the superstar was genuinely nice and easy to talk to.

– David Bowie was the polite thing artist I met on that level, and then I actually met an incredible number of artists, says Red Top and continues:

– He met like me in every city he came to, he was through friendly in a very British way, and remember what I was called and asked interested questions. Some artists do not even know in which city they are, but it really felt he had the know.

Then it happened strange. It was December, and Bowie entourage would conclude their Göteborg Stay with a Christmas dinner at the restaurant then called Linnéterrassen.

– When I drove him there, he said, “John, I have reserved a place for you, too, come join in.”

But the Red Top declined as politely as he could.

– I am a conservative-General and all who know me know that I keep myself away and never have been so interested to move in the world .

The generous gesture he recalls, however, with the heat.

– I ran Keith Richard and he expressed a syllable during all the time . But Bowie was genuinely nice. It sat deep in me that a man who was so incredibly famous still did so. It was an experience that will be remembered.


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