Monday, January 11, 2016

Bowie commented his own death “- Swedish Dagbladet

– I wish I could describe David Bowie in simpler ways, but it’s hard with him. He was entertainment complexes, says Amethyst Azordegan to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet. Photo: Per Larsson / TT

David Bowie’s death has spread shock waves throughout the world, and the reactions have been many during the Monday morning. Freelance journalist Amethyst Azordegan is one of those described as “somewhat shocked” by the event. But while she says that there were signs that the global artist in many ways farewell in his last album. This was especially obvious in the song “Lazarus”, says she is Swedish Dagbladet.

– I have heard rumors that he would have gone away, but this time it felt different. I started with a time to think of the music video and lyrics for the new song “Lazarus”, and then I knew that this time it’s true. Now I understand why the music video looks like it does. He takes the farewell and says his own death. There are similarities in the latest album of his entire artistic history, says Azordegan.

While she believes David Bowie knew what would happen, and thus staged and directed his own death through music.

– David Bowie has always been a step ahead and has decided how all his different identities should live and die. He has always had full control and taken with his fans on trips. It now turns out that his final identity as he directed was himself says Amethyst Azordegan to the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

What has David Bowie meant to you?

– For me, Bowie not only a musician but also a person who created performances and was totally unafraid to live through their various albums by becoming music through aliases. He was very unique, almost like a prism, where he pushes all the possible expressions. He is also a great inspiration to many even today. In a time where a lot of the focus is on sales, he was not where he focused on the artistry through music.


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