Monday, January 11, 2016

World Star Tribute to David Bowie – Aftonbladet

One of the greatest singers of all time has stopped.

Now mourned David Bowie of the stars across the globe.

“I am devastated “twitters Madonna.

The pope has lost an icon.

The news that David Bowie has died after battling cancer plunged a great music world in shock. Direct began tributes and grief greetings pour in from fans and colleagues.

Iggy Pop is one of the superstars who expressed their grief on social media.

“David’s friendship was the light of my life. I have never met an equally outstanding person. He was the best there is. “

” David Bowie was one of my biggest inspirations. So fearless, so creative. He gave us the magic for a whole livsstid “writes Kanye West on Twitter.

” I have lost a hero, “tweets comedian Eddie Izzard.

Storbritannines Prime Minister David Cameron pays tribute to the singer on Twitter:

“I was listening and watching popgeniet David Bowie when I grew up. He was a master of reinventing himself, who proceeded to do right. A huge loss. “

” I’m desperate! This gorgeous artist changed my life. The first concert I ever saw in Detroit! “Writes Madonna on Instagram and Twitter.

” Gifted. Unique. Ingenious. He changed the playing field completely. The man who fell to earth. Your soul will live on forever. “

” Desperate … A legend is gone, “writes Cher on Twitter.

” In all honesty, there had been no Gaga but David Bowie, “it said in the post Lady Gaga retweetade.

” What a sorrow “

Although many Swedish musicians have praised Bowie in the morning.

” One of history’s greatest artists have passed away. Rest in peace David Bowie, “tweet opera singer Malena Ernman.

” Millon weep a fountain. What a sadness! Rest in peace David Bowie and there is life on Mars, we’ll see you there, “writes the singer and songwriter Niklas Strömstedt.

” One of the biggest “

Aftonbladet’s music columnist Markus Larsson was shocked by news of Bowie’s death.

– You can not take in. It’s getting short on classic rock icons. A few weeks ago died Lemmy, and now Bowie, he says, and continues:

– David Bowie is without exaggeration one of the greatest artists that ever existed. Without him it would have taken a “p” in “pop”. Then we would have had to spell it “op”.

According to Larsson is David Bowie’s importance almost indescribable.

– He made pop music intellectual. It was Bowie who invented alter-ego. He invented the idea of ​​the pop star.

– The red thread in his career was that he was always changing, and never stood still. Of all his amazing album, it was nothing like the other.

It came to be David Bowie’s last album, “Black Star”, was released last Friday. As the celebrated singer’s 69th respondent birthday.

“The crackle of so much curiosity that he feels anything but clear,” wrote a lyrical Håkan Steen in his review.


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