Thursday, January 7, 2016

Charges against Snoop Dogg closure – Expressen

When Snoop Dogg was arrested in Uppsala last summer he denied to drug offenses and sharply criticized the Swedish police.

Among other things, he accused them of racial profiling.

Now the tests come back – with the highest measurable value, type SVT.

Despite the added indictment down.

The US rapper Snoop Dogg gave a concert in the City Garden in central Uppsala on the 26th July 2015. After the performance, he was arrested by police, according to the Uppsala police, he showed signs of being the influence of drugs.

– There was urine and he is suspected of minor drug offenses, told Marcus Svensson, county duty officer at Uppsala police then.

After he was taken to the police station he filmed himself and he added later published several videos, in which he severely criticized the Swedish police and accused those for racial profiling.

The first preliminary test showed that the superstar was under the influence of drugs, which he denied. The test, however, was not enough to prosecute, therefore sent a further urine sample on to the National forensic center (NFC), type SVT.

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Now the samples come back, and it has turned out that Snoop Dogg blånekande was false. At the time the sample was taken had Snoop Dogg, the highest measurable value, tells Mangus Hänström, investigators at the Uppsala police, the SVT.

Despite the added indictment down.

– We judged that we does not have enough material to prosecute him, says Magnus Hänström to SVT.

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When Snoop Dogg was arrested in Uppsala he wrote on Instagram that he never thought to come back to Sweden.

“To all my fans in Sweden, you can blame the police, you will never see me in your beautiful country again there are always a few idiots who destroy for all other thanks, “he wrote then.

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