Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Johan Renck knew that Bowie was ill – Aftonbladet

David Bowie kept the cancer a secret from almost everyone. The news of his death broke, therefore, like a bomb over the world.

Now confirm Johan Renck, who directed the superstar’s last music video that he knew about the disease.

– The colored naturally our conversations and our work, he writes in a post.

Yesterday, the world woke to the sorrowful news that David Bowie died. This is after a lengthy battle with cancer, something he kept secret for 18 months.

Just days earlier, on Friday, on his 69th birthday, he released the studio album “Black Star”. The day before his very last music video “Lazarus”, as he lies in a hospital bed and sings “Look up here – I’m in heaven”, “Look up here – I’m in heaven.”

Many has, not surprisingly, reading it as a farewell to his fans, a grand exit from an artist and superstar who never ceased to surprise.

Bowie producer Tony Visconti later confirmed on Monday that the singer considered the album and the videos as a parting gift to the fans.

“Not able to take in the”

Now confirm Swede Johan Renck, who directed the video, he knew that David Bowie was ill during the shooting.

– In July, you told me you were sick. We never really touched it again except to drug morbid joke. The colored course our conversation and our work, but I was not able to take in what he writes in a post on Instagram.

Instead, they worked on and completed the world star’s last greeting, a job that Johan Renck described as amazing and fun and said took about half a year.

In the post published yesterday he tells us that he also dreamed of Bowie.

– Last night I dreamed that I ran into up outside a shabby building in deepest Brooklyn. “I thought you were dead!” I exclaimed. “Who said that?”, You replied with his infectious leeende. “World. World said it to me!”. Then you smiled even wider and said “to hell with you, the world.” I yelled, and we laughed. You Higher than I do.

Speculation about a last message

Why David Bowie kept his illness so secret is a mystery that still lined with speculation.

– He has not talked with the outside world for a reason I guess, so I do not really want to say … I’m not his voice out in any way, but the collaboration with him was fantastic, says Johan Renck in an interview with Swedish television.

In the aftermath of his death, some also started tweeting about David Bowie, in addition to the music video for “Lazarus”, left another message. The last account that his official Twitter account began to follow will in fact be one named God, orTheTweetOfGod. It should be said that it is unclear whether Bowie himself or someone else administered account as well as other account began to be followed.

David Bowie died in peace surrounded by his family on Sunday, January 10, announced the family on Monday in a Facebook message .

Johan Renck has also directed the music video for the song “Black Star”, from the artist’s 27th and final album by the same name.


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