Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lemmy funeral broadcast live – Aftonbladet

On Saturday invited Lemmy fans into a live memorial for the recently deceased Motörhead frontman.

– We want you all to be part of this moment, writes the tape.

An hour before midnight on Saturday, Swedish time, beginning a celebration ceremony for the recently deceased Motörhead frontman Lemmy, whose real name Ian Fraser Kilmister. Now offered fans set to follow the live session.

“Let us ensure that the collected globally on Saturday, the ninth and pay tribute to our dear friend and irreplaceable icon,” the band on their Youtube channel.

There will also be a memorial for Lemmy at the prestigious The Rainbow in Hollywood on Sunday morning, Swedish time, writes

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Memorials to favorite tavern

Lemmy could often be seen hanging at The Rainbow, and family and friends have decided to invite the public to the club to honor his memory – and the pressure of the tickets have been hard. Doors open at 14 but then switches between 17-21 for a private ceremony.

The Rainbow opened in 1972, and on opening night held a party for Elton John. Among other greats who wielded one or more cups of the place are John Lennon, Keith Moon, Alice Cooper and Robert Plant.

Lemmy Klimister died Dec. 28 after a short period of illness.

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