Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Nostalgia shock: “Friendster” is making a comeback – Aftonbladet

Hold on all 80- and 90-talister! Sweden’s first big social online meeting place “Friendster” is making a comeback.

The page is called Stajlplejs, which was the predecessor Friendster.

The group behind the project has worked on the nostalgic side for several years.

Soon, you can create your own “nook”, post diary entries or smearing of any guestbook. Friendster, or Stajlplejs, that side is now called, will come back.

The creators of Stajlplejs say they have been working on the community project for several years, but the site now finally ready for beta testing.

Stajlplejs founded in 1996 by Richard Ericsson and developed four years later to Friendster. The site was one of the largest social online communities – long before Facebook pages made their entrance. It was closed down in 2011 after losing members for some time.

“requires more intelligence, old school”

The new Friendster is created in true nostalgic spirit.

“We will not create a website to compete with other social media / company but only for nostalgic reasons. Unlike today’s social media where you have a direct flow of information from your friend, it takes more reconnaissance, old school “, write the creators of the site.

The site was named Stajlplejs instead Lunarstorm because the rights of the original name was too expensive to buy.


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