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Morgan Alling about the sexual abuse – Expressen

Morgan Alling was homeless in periods that children have been abused.

In SVT’s “Stars in the Castle”, he talks about his childhood and the trauma event – related Marika Lagercrantz to tears.

– We only got to be in our room, the kitchen and the hallway, otherwise we were completely battered, he said.

In tonight’s “Stars in the Castle” SVT is the Morgan Allings day. Then he tells of his childhood – he had been homeless in periods that little boy, and that he lived in several foster homes.

Morgan Alling tells the program about a foster home where he could not be in the house – except in the hall, the kitchen and in her room.

– One family had a nice home. Today, when I read my paper, that the family I came to, had not been investigated. It was good the first few weeks but after that I will never forget. I stand and look at a glass sculpture in the living room, and I got a slap. Then began the rules, we only got to be in our room, the kitchen and the hall. Otherwise, we were completely beaten, locked up in the basement, force-fed, he says in the program.

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When he later visited the foster home as an adult, he met the neighbors, who told me that they had heard the children scream – but they said, “What shall we do?”.

Something he afterwards describes did more evil than box on the ear.

But there was a brighter period in childhood – when Morgan Alling had to come to a new, nurturing, family. When he share the happy turn in “Stars in the Castle” cane Marika Lagercrantz to tears.

– I start bellowing now. I always do at the beautiful stories. I am so touched, she says in the program.

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Meanwhile, says Morgan Alling in program when he was sexually abused by a friend. The actor was at the home of his friend when it happened.

– I am at his home, then I see what’s in my glass? He said fuck it, you should not drink up. Then it’s like someone totally hit me with a hammer in the head. There was some drug, which he gave me. I woke up a little later and see how he just abused me, he says in the program.

“Stars in the Castle” is sent Saturday 20:00 to BBC1.

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