Saturday, January 2, 2016

Therefore, your TV become useless after the government’s decision – Örnsköldsvik Allehanda

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Up to 100,000 households may be forced to switch TV or buying a new TV box to watch TV come.

It is the so-called 700-belt is placed on the use of television to be part of the mobile network.

– The gaps in mobile coverage that today there should clogs, says Caroline Boström, Head of the spectrum condition at the PTS to the Swedish radio.

When the 700-band turns off the technology T2 take over. Modern televisions can receive the signals, but for older televisions, it gets worse.

– Old TVs functioning contrast to all free channels such as SVT and TV4. These only need to make a new channel search after the realignment of channels, says Marcus Hartmann to Swedish radio.


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