Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ooms about the love of Thåström: “It is a gift from God” – Aftonbladet

She was forced to flee the country when he turned down her.

In tonight’s “Stars in the Castle” says Amanda Ooms on depreciation and pårelationen with the Thåström.

– I just love that when I was 16, she says.

It is a love story that lasted for decades.

In tonight’s “Stars in the Castle” opens otherwise media shy actor Amanda Ooms , 51, up around depreciation and application maintenance with life love and empire-star Thåström .

They met after a concert in Amanda’s study time.

– I fell in love on the spot, I felt shit the leopard.

talked until dawn

After the concert, they were inseparable, they talked until dawn came.

– I got a kiss, unforgettable kiss. A week later he was standing outside my door, since then, I have loved the man, she says in the program.

They had “many laps back and forth” since then, but love took a hard grip on her, directly – and never let go. “A story,” she says.

– I woke up one night in Rågsved and felt that I loved him right into the skeleton. It is about the way he moves and his scent. I can feel exactly the same fervor and desire to the same man for so long is a gift from God.

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Did not dare to have children

She grew up with a mother with haggard psyche whose tough postpartum depression meant that Amanda did not dare to have children. It created a rift between her and Thåström.

– I was unhappily in love because I have not had children with Joakim when he wanted to have children, and then he left me. Years passed and I met other people, but actually it was a hunt for him, she says.

She fled to Europe and worked, lived as a bachelor, as she puts it.

– It was an escape, I came back to Stockholm and heard Joakim’s music on the radio, I could not be here and not be with him. I was unhappy that I was not with him. I could not be in Sweden.

Found Love

After ten years abroad, she came back, found the love of photographer JH Engström that she had twins with.

When the relationship ended, she found and Thåström back to each other. Today they are engaged, Amanda Ooms has himself designed the rings in silver and ruby.

At the beginning of last year led the love in her own film when Thåström asked her to make a music video for his “Come with me “. Now she wants to continue filming. And love.

– I am so grateful that I am 50 bass and must be as in love as when I was 16, it’s unbelievable. God, I am happy about it.

stars on the Castle Refuses reconciled after a large fraction


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