Saturday, January 9, 2016

SVT apologize for the misses – Aftonbladet

Two errors crept into Friday’s “On the Trail”.

SVT now ask pardon for the misses and says that it took hard on the editorial board.

– They are completely devastated now. It depletes their self-image, says program manager Christina Hill.

Many miss crept into Friday’s “On the Trail” on SVT.

As we could tell yesterday had Iraq and Iran changed its location on a map. The program managers also claimed that the poodle clipping has been an Olympic discipline and now ask SVT sorry:

“We on the editorial board of The track may make a poodle, and admit that we passed on April 1 joke in January. Poodle Mowing has never been in the Olympics, not even as a demonstration event. We are ashamed that dogs and as if that was not enough so we changed position on Iran and Iraq. We apologize, and can only promise additional effort in terms of our factual track! “, Writes the editorial on Facebook.

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“They are completely devastated now”

While TV host Kristian Luuk and the judge Fredrik Lindström is involved in writing questions the program as it is an entire editorial staff who work with research. Christina Hill is the program manager at SVT Gothenburg says now that the editorial team has reacted strongly to the misses.

– This is an extremely well-read editorial, perhaps the most general formed in the entire media Sweden. They are completely devastated now. It depletes their self-image, she says.

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Is this the biggest messes you done?

– The program has been so very many years so that one might not say, but it was very unfortunate that there appeared several errors in a program. It is probably very rare, I would say, she says.

misses in Friday’s “On the Trail” did not affect the scoring.


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