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Ooms on Thåström in tonight Stars in the Castle: “I fell in love with him … – Örnsköldsvik Allehanda

In the season’s third episode of SVT’s “Stars in the Castle” is mångsysslande Amanda Ooms in focus. Actress, artist and writer sees participation in the television program as a professional assignment.

– There’s a job to say “okay, I’ll be in it.” I think we all have told and commanded to ourselves, I think we have got to know everyone closer, we look pretty and sometimes roaring it says Amanda Ooms.

During the season, Claire Wikholm and Morgan Alling has already told you about heavy episodes in their lives. In its section makes Amanda Ooms same.

– That’s the whole idea of ​​this program that the breakfast talk about his childhood, at lunch talk about his career and at dinner they talk about their lives , his family and their relationships. There is a routine and we knew what we were to embark on, she says.

Amanda Ooms lives with rock star Thåström – known for being extremely private. She says she discussed with him about what would be included in the program but that she already before the recordings were determined what could be said and not.

– I’m not talking about something in the “Stars on castle “that I have not already lit or dissected in my own novels and plays, or in my art. There are things I already have a spacer to which I have already looked at. I advice you not to talk about the things that you are in the midst, says Amanda Ooms.

She has not talked about very much at all in recent years when she tried to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. In 2015, she decided, however, to once again affirm “the medial side of the profession.”

– It was a decision that I took because I felt that I really wanted to be back. For many years, I made the choice to say no, I have had small children, I have worked a lot for myself, and just been in the interviews before the premiere. But now it is finished with the year so now we will see what I do, says Amanda Ooms.

During Ooms day at the castle receive television audience among other insights into her childhood marked by broken promises, imaginary friends and parents who abandoned her. She also talked about her international career as an actor, but also about his lifelong love of the singer Thåström.

– I was in love with him on the spot, says Ooms in Saturday’s section.

“Stars in the Castle” is broadcast in BBC1 on Saturday at 20:00.

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