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New episodes of Game of Thrones in April – Expressen

Now all the “Game of Thrones” – enthusiasts begin the countdown.

HBO has finally released a date for season six, writes the entertainment website E! Online – on 24 April.

Now all affectionate viewers to the world’s largest series “Game of Thrones” something to look forward to.

HBO has finally set a date when the popular series, which has taken the whole world by storm, will begin to appear. Namely 24 April, writes E! On-line.

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“Game of Thrones” will appear in April

Since last spring, when season five was shown to have ‘Game of Thrones “fans been wondering about their hero Jon Snow is really dead or not. Jon Snow was betrayed and stabbed by Olly.

Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, admits that every season has been surprises in the script.

– I felt a little on me that it would come. I have heard that this is what happens and I had a little idea it would be this season, said he told Entertainment Weekly and continues:

– I did not realize that it would be the last scene of the season and that made it extra special. There are always some nice when it’s the last thing that happens in that section. I know, I loved it. I loved how they brought in Olly as the person who killed me.

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Kit Harington in “Game of Thrones”

Despite Kit Harington said that his character was dead and that he was not coming back next season, so Kit Harington one of the names that were included on the lists published last year on the actor who would get wage seasonal six. And also to be in season seven.

– I do not know where it came from, but there were so many inaccuracies there. It will raise questions among fans and get them to believe that things are what they are not, says Harington.

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