Thursday, January 7, 2016

Österlen Victory Dessert Masters – Radio Sweden

The Skåne dominance in Channel 5′s competition program “Dessert Masters” continues. In the helskånska finals won Martin Morand from Sankt Olof Österlen.

He was born in Höllviken, but now lives in Sankt Olof Österlen, where he runs his own now Pastery Inspiration.

Martin Morand beat Jonas Nilsson, pastry chef at Landskrona in the final after having competed in making dessert soup and three other desserts.

The first season won the Marie Skogström from Malmö last year, Joel Lindqvist from Malmö victory.

The victory, Martin Morand been keeping a secret for several months.

It’s nice to be able to share the joy, sometimes I had to bite my tongue not to reveal me.

In the finals, he competed with several different desserts.

– Most happy I was probably with summer dessert with blackberries and chokladbrownien with sea buckthorn, says Martin Morand.

The prize pool was a three-day training on Valrhonaskolan of Versailles in France.

  • Tropical soup with kokosbavaroise, flambéed bananas and chocolate sorbet.
  • Granny Smith soup with yuzu- and fänkålspanacotta, sorbet of green tomato, fennel and rye crisps.
  • Rhubarb Puree with yogurt mousse, blackberry sorbet and white chokladcremeux.
  • Chocolate Brownie with sea buckthorn and orange sorbet, mjölkchokladbavaroise, sea buckthorn and morotscurd, buckthorn marmalade, hasselnötssnö, havtornsnougatine and Italian meringue.


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