Thursday, January 7, 2016

The dog Leia home again! – Göteborgs-Posten

Leia, 9 months, is back with mom and dad in Särö after seven days on the run. “Everything feels great,” says dad Jonas Rahm.

Golden retriever Leia disappeared from their owners on New Year’s Eve at midnight thicket of the day with a walk in Sandsjöbacka area .

– It was bright and quiet in the woods. She just took off, says Jonas Rahm.

Since then, hundreds of people after Leia, among other things, has been organized search party in the woods east of the Särö and trailers. In addition, drones photographed large areas and people in other parts of the country have aided and gone through all the footage to see if it is possible to glimpse a yellow dog in any of the images.

But after the search has been fruitless – so far.

On Thursday, she was found wandering in a sheep pasture.

– There was no accommodation in Sandsjöbacka who found her. We are very grateful, says Jonas Rahm.

When the GP reaches him on the phone, he and math Margareta Magnusson just downloaded Leia. After a washing carry it home again.

Leia looks according to the owners like to feel good, albeit a bit medtagen after seven days on the run in the forest.

– Now we just want to come home and care of each other. Everything feels great, says Jonas Rahm.

Search work was coordinated by Dog Seekers. Mikael Carlsson from the organization says that he is completely overwhelmed Leia found.

– It was not that we were close to giving up. But they started the feeling that all options were exhausted and we did not know how we would proceed. So she felt it was time to come home now is amazing. One of my colleagues started crying with relief.


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