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She gives the user the horror a place – Vasterbotten Courier

Culture Telegram She calls what she writes for “Swedish use terror”. In her debut book “Water Drawing” make Madeleine Bäck areas around Hofors, Storvik and Gävle to terror residence.


Age: 39 years.

Lives: In Solna.

Family: Married with two sons, 3 and 7 years.

Background: Medical Journalist and CEO of the newspaper office A4.

Last book read: Gillian Flynn spöknovell “Such as you.” “She has a phenomenally efficient and legally crude language and it is a rather crude novel that turns unexpectedly at the end.”

reading experiences in childhood and adolescence: Maria Gripe “Tordyveln flying at dusk,” Books by Roald Dahl, Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. “Poe has always followed me as an inspiration in mind.”

One of the nastiest book I read: “Blindness” by Jose Saramago. “Maybe it’s not horror, but a very nasty book.”

Current: With her debut book “Water Drawing”, the first part of a trilogy, which will be in bookstores on 21 March. Next year given part two of the series out.

A church theft, a femicide, an unremarkable stone that gives its owner the power to rule over other people. With the ingredients begins “Water Drawing”, a novel that mixes present and past, Swedish folklore with contemporary horror and get the sex scenes in “Fifty Shades of Grey” pale in comparison.

Had someone asked Madeleine BACK she would like to write a trilogy on “their” landscape Gastrikland 20 years ago had the answer has been “No”.

– I think a lot of that comes from such small industrial villages recognize themselves in that one yearns away young. One is blind; though it is so incredibly beautiful and exciting as you see it, it becomes just a boring backdrop and you’d rather have something else. It was necessary for me to move to really see it, she says.

Swedish industrial communities

Madeleine Brooks grew up in Storvik, a community of just over 2,000 inhabitants. Although the story of Viktor, Beata, Krister, Gunhild and journalist Jäder first and foremost is a scary entertaining novel for young adults also play the small towns of Sweden’s inland an important role. Fear is an unusually effective litmus paper to reality, she says.

If the classic “Frankenstein” mirrored past human fear of the new age of electricity and, by extension, the dead return as marked “Water Drawing” of our time concerns three things: urbanization, history-equality and the environment.

– With more and more people move to the cities, especially because the jobs are there, the urban and rural areas increasingly alienated from each other. The townspeople lose touch with the countryside and empathy for the conditions there. In the country it happens that some people build a hostility toward those in the big cities. They feel diminished and misunderstood.

Saddled if

Madeleine Bäck is a biologist who changed and became a medical journalist and later chief editor of the newspaper office A4. Reading and writing, she has had with him since childhood, but the starting point for her debut book first came when she took a course in the subject of “horror” on Skrivarakademien in Stockholm. Course leader was horror author Anders Fager who gave her the task of working on a major project during the studies.

That it was a trilogy was her publisher’s earnings. Madeleine Bäck initially had no plans to write more than one book – and no clear target for the eyes.

– When I started writing, I thought that it was an adult book. After a while I realized that no, this is a book for young adults, it felt so in the characters. As was already the violence and eroticism in the book and I had a discussion about it with my publisher “I can really have it?”, Because I did not really know.

It is significantly more sex in this book than one might have expected – sexuality is a force that is used in a sometimes very unpleasant way. Was it something you hesitated?

– There is so much other literature in this genre that are also very rough and hard and the erotic. And I think it is wrong to censor, you should write anything you have to write all the way and not hold back, I think. I have tried to be honest to the story. But I discussed it with the publishing house, because I wanted to confirm that it was right.

There are certainly those who will compare the “Water Drawing” with “Circle” trilogy. What do you think about that?

– Now I Love “circle”. But I kept deliberately away from it when I wrote the book, I did not see the movie even before I wrote. Though I understand they will be compared, it is also a trilogy that takes place on an industrial town, but I think they differ in themes.


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