Saturday, January 2, 2016

Therefore tells Alling the abuse – Aftonbladet

“Stars in the Castle” says Morgan Alling several assaults – including how a man drugged and abused him sexually.

He will share his History on TV because he wants to make a difference.

– It is so important that we get a society without violations. The abuse occurs everywhere, says Alling Nöjesbladet.

“Stars in the Castle” says Morgan Alling , 47, about his upbringing in foster homes and how he repeatedly been the victim of deceit, lies and abuse.

His descriptions pipes Marika Lagercrantz to tears on television.

Among other things, tells Alling in the program for a foster home which was punished if he was in the forbidden room.

– We only got to be in our room, the kitchen and the hall. Otherwise, we were completely beaten. Locked up in the basement. Force-fed, he says in the program.

Utilised by a friend

In early theater career, he was also sexually abused by a friend.

– I am at his home . Then I see, what’s in my glass? He says “fuck it, you should not drink up.” Then it’s like someone totally hit me with a hammer in the head. There was some drug that he gave me. I woke up a little later and see how he just abused me, says Alling in the program.

Morgan Alling explains to Nöjesbladet why he chose to share his story in “Stars in the Castle” .

– Throughout our industry, in almost every production there are people who have a need to push down and put on other people. I have lived in it there in my life and think “I do not need that.” I love theater, the arts and the meeting with an audience. There is strong enough and we should not keep on pushing each other down, says Alling.

stars on the Castle – She laughed at the horrible abuse

“Abuse occurs everywhere”

He says that he now has the privilege to refuse in advance if he does not want to work with certain people.

– The abuse occurs everywhere. Therefore I tell you also about the sexual abuse. As soon as you think you are safe and think, “God, what a relief, now I’ve found the home”, so bam, it will abuse again. That’s why I talk about bullying and harassment. We must make the CRC law. It is so important that we get a society without violations. Therefore I tell about it, he says.

stars on the Castle Slotts-stars in the brawl: “Tired of whining”


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