Saturday, January 2, 2016

100,000 Swedes will have to replace their TV – Expressen

Starting in spring begins realignment of the Swedish terrestrial television network. The change is a decision by the previous government, which states that the so-called 700-belt will be expanded for the benefit of mobile broadband.

Then you have the terrestrial TV channels switching frequencies Sweden Radio first reported on .

As a direct result of it can be up to 100 000 households in the country forced to switch TV or set-top box if they want to continue watching all the channels.

– There are approximately 100 000 households that have optional programs from Boxer, looking at more than frikanalerna, who may need to purchase a new TV or a new TV box, says Marcus Hartmann, Head of Government, Teracom who own Boxer and drives the Swedish terrestrial network for radio and television.

may need to switch the TV

The Boxer, which is owned by the Swedish State, which has well over half a million customers, has a monopoly on the pay-TV channels in the terrestrial digital TV network in Sweden.

– Those who only look at SVT, TV4, TV6 and some will not have to change anything. But if you are a customer of Boxer and has a channel package that includes other channels, pay channels, you can, if you have an older television, need to switch to a television capable of receiving broadcasts, says Hartmann on.

How new TV sets must be to handle the new broadcasts he does not know really. Instead, customers are encouraged to review their TV sets themselves.

Not released information

– It is difficult to say exactly that. Looking at the HD channels should you have a TV that can handle the new broadcasts, but the easiest is to check the manual, and look what it has for television and what the broadcasts can be received.

The change, concerning the so-called 700-belt, starting in the spring and will last for about a year. The start will be in Norrbotten, the last to become Skåne. Yet have no information about the change sent to Boxer’s customers.

– It is still the case that we are in a planning phase. When we have good information to go out with, we make it for customers to look through the terrestrial network, says Hartmann at Teracom.


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