Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Depeche Mode starts in Stockholm – great – Aftonbladet

MILAN. Depeche Mode start their world tour in Stockholm in may.

It is great.

But the press conference is about nothing.

"Depeche Mode, Depeche Mode, Depeche Mode…"

the Fans further back in the teaterlokalen La Triennale Di Milano Teatro dell’arte in Milan explodes when the trio makes his entrance.

It feels like a concert, but it is about three men sitting in the opposite armchair.

All of them respond politely to questions.

Dave Gahan is charmigast. Andy Fletcher looks like Jocke Berg big brother and is in turn the most fun. And Martin Gore is the Martin Gore – it looks to do evil in the entire body when he needs to talk.

the Event, reminds a lot of the press conferences during the Eurovision Song Contest. It is difficult to know which ones are the fans and the journalists. The questions are sometimes then. "Is rock dead?" Moreover, Gahan golden shoes, which of course brings to mind Herreys.

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the Band plays short snippets from her upcoming album "Spirit". It sounds hard and power than dark. The line of text and the question, "Where’s the revolution?" thunders forward. End of the year.

the Members are almost comically reluctant to say anything about the new tour. The photographer and director Anton Corbijn to create the concert visuals, but he has not started working with it yet. Artist James Ford from Simian Mobile Disco, who has previously worked with Florence + The Machine and Arctic Monkeys, produce "Spirit".

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Otherwise, it sounds like this:

"Can you tell us a little bit about the new album?"

Martin Gore: "It is too early to say anything about it."

another fan trying to ask the same question again a little later.

Martin Gore: "As I said, it is too early to reveal anything, but we will have more pr-date about it later."

But Depeche Mode assures the audience that they are very proud and satisfied with the recordings.

in other words There is a press conference on a few dates and an album title.

However, it is rare that bands like Depeche Mode at all, invite press and fans to the public question and answer sessions. Most people at their level, usually in the day to settle with posting a post on Facebook or Instagram.

And a question for fans to pull for breath. Buropen is near. "You will be reunited with Alan Wilder any time?" Dave, Martin and Andy have been asked if Wilder, who left the group in 1995, so many times that they can only laugh, a little dejectedly.

Dave Gahans answer is clear and short:



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