Friday, October 7, 2016

Here are the first pictures from Håkan hellström’s book – Expressen

yesterday, it was lanseringsparty of Håkan hellström’s new book.

On the red carpet appeared, among others, Marie Richardson, The it starts roughly Conspiracy and Miriam Bryant.

“I usually say Hakan is my Dylan,” says Miriam Bryant.

On Monday released Håkan hellström’s new book, “Sing your life”, which contains all the artist’s texts. In addition, it contains images from different locations in Gothenburg and Håkan hellström’s concerts in New York and Ullevi.

the Photographs have been taken by Marcus Erixson and the artist Carl Johan De Geer has also contributed to the book.

yesterday was Håkan Hellström, a release party for the book on Kungsholmen in Stockholm and several celebrities attended.

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Among the first to arrive was the boy band The it starts roughly Conspiracy.

“He is an icon and write very nice lyrics,” says Omar Rudberg in the band.


Also Marie Richardson, who plays in Håkan Hellström-movie “Feel no sorrow” was in place.

– this is a so good script that really managed to tie together the songs on a sensitive and intelligent way, so I loved the movie. You just became even more in love with Håkan after it, ” says Marie Richardson.

Marie Richardson also tells us why she likes Håkan hellström’s lyrics.

– To recognize themselves. They are very related to teens and it comes back when you yourself have teenagers.

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Even Miriam Bryant were in place.

” I have a very strong relationship to Håkan. He has been a great inspiration for me, I usually say that he is my Dylan. His entire artistry is powerful, how great he has become in Sweden.

Miriam Bryant tells us that she’s been on several of Håkan hellström’s previous – and smaller – plays.

” I remember a time when he inaugurated a tram outside the Ullevi stadium. Then it can’t have been more than 200 people there. I can’t really understand that I was so early.

At the release party was also among the other actor Jonathan Andersson and musician Love Antell.


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