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Here are the hosts for next year’s schlager: Clara Henry, David Lindgren and … – Aftonbladet

It is a few months away.

After much secrecy, now reveals the SVT Melodifestivalen presenter for next year.

– It will be great fun, ” says Clara Henry, who is one of them.

the Pressure is great on the hosts, who takes over for Gina Dirawi and the other nine gästprogramledarnas success last year.

During the fredagsförmiddagen called SVT to the press conference to present the taking over.

Last year, ended the SVT Eurovision song contest with the competition’s youngest presenter when the William Spetz, 20, led the final together with Dirawi. Now counter the with the elders of modern times, when the Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson, 68, shoulder the mission together with David Lindgren, 34, and Clara Henry, 22.

Clara henry’s stomach kurrade

My stomach began to rumble slightly, I have never seen the sign of the nervousness before, so it will be interesting to see the nervousness before the Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg, ” she says.

Clara Henry led the SVT’s before – and after chat and greenroominslag for the Eurovision song contest 2014. When was the reactions cool. "Her participation is a big question mark," wrote Markus Larsson.

She has in the past led Youtubegalan Guldtuben, programlett different programmes on Swedish Radio and released last year the book "Yes I have mens, hurså?".

David Lindgren second person

the Other is David Lindgren.

– It is sick fun to be with in this whole circus, but to compete. I look forward emåt to go home to my hometown of Skellefteå and will be a presenter there, ” he says with a hint of song from him yet.

– It is many opening and pausnummer, ” he says.

David Lindgren has become the children’s favorite the as host in the Barnkanalens "Supershowen" and has made it to the final of the three times he competed in the Eurovision song contest in the past, most recently with "We are your tomorrow" in last year’s race.

Hasse is making a comeback

Hasse Andersson participated in Melodifestivalen 2015 with the song “Gold and green forests”, which went to the final via the second chance and finished fourth in the competition. Since then he has toured frequently.

– This is a megaupplevelse, to be participants in the Eurovision song contest was a great experience and now it will when I am the hostess, ” he says.

” I was a little hesitant. But thought then, “yes, we run”, says continues Hasse Andersson.

“I know they will do a fantastic job,” says SVT’s programme director Lena Glaser.

Sat at the coffee shop in the secret

According to the Melodifestivalen project manager was programledartrion finished early in the summer. A month ago, it was completely decided. Since then, the hosts smuggled in through the SVT-house, on the back doors before meetings. Some meetings have also been out on the town.

“I’m not going to say which coffee shop we sat in, but not to the main directly,” says David Hellenius and laughs.

– We have as usual done what we can to keep it in the inner circle. Looking always one extra time over your shoulder before you start talking. Avoiding the big waterholes, continues Hellenius.

Hellenius notes that it intends to bring out new sides of the three hosts.

– We will probably get to hear Clara sing, which has not been received in the past, ” she says.

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