Monday, October 3, 2016

Kim Kardashian has fled the country after the robbery – the Express newspaper

Five masked men robbed the Kim Kardashian West in a luxury apartment in Paris early on Monday morning local time.

The five men reported to have been dressed as police officers and stole jewellery to the value of several million.

Now Kim Kardashian West fled the country in his private jet.

It was early on Monday morning as several men took her in the apartment where Kim Kardashian West was and threatened her with guns, strip her down inside the bathroom and stole jewelry for several million, writes the Daily Mail.

the Star was in Paris fashion week is said to be “shaken but physically unhurt” after the incident.

– Kim Kardashian West was threatened with a gun by masked men, dressed as police officers, inside their hotel room in Paris during the evening. She is hard shaken, but physically unharmed, says her spokesperson to CNN.

Kim Kardashian West family have been given police protection after the incident and on the pictures seen her sister Kendall Jenner leave a nattlubb to console his sister. Kim’s personal bodyguard Pascal Duvier to have caught in the picture together with Kourtney Kardashian out on a club when the robbery must have occurred, and, therefore, was not with Kim Kardashian West.

A photographer who has followed Kim since she landed in Paris is now in interrogation with the police, then he managed to get into a restaurant where the whole family Kardashian was. He managed to do so by pretending to was a police officer.

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Magnus Falkehed on the spot outside the apartment

Swedish newspaper Expressen’s reporter Magnus Falkehed is on location in Paris, outside the apartment where Kim Kardashian West lived.

– It will most likely be the most expensive apartment as the star must have lived in. Kim was brought out early in the morning and interrogated by the police, and was then taken to another hotel, ” says Magnus Falkehed.

” This has become something that everyone in Paris is talking about. All the media writes about this, ” says Magnus Falkehed.

A debate flaring up on many levels, many local residents feel uneasy, and politicians have gone out and said that it is a terrible image of France which is now to be cabled out, ” says Magnus Falkehed in the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s live broadcast.

There is not yet much information about the perpetrators.

– Normally you should have the password to get into the building, so it may have been an inside job. It is not know we know in the present, ” says Magnus Falkehed.

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Kim Kardashian West fled the country

Later on Monday fled Kim Kardashian West France in his private jet along with her assistant and personal bodyguard, Pascal Duvier. She was seen wearing a black scarf on the head and headed out to the aircraft waiting to fly her back to the united states.

Kanye West interrupted his gig

Her husband Kanye West was not with her in Paris. He appeared on the Meadow festival in New York, and left abruptly the scene when he got the information about what has happened. Before he went off, he had time to leave a message to the audience about why he had to hurry out of there.

” I’m sorry, I have an emergency in the family, I have to cancel the show, said the rapper from the stage.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s two small children, North, 3, and Saint, in ten months, shall not have been in the hotel room when the masked men showed up with guns.

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