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Love story that ended on Instagram – Expressen

this is The love story that began in chaos and ended with an update on Instagram.

Kristian Luuk, 50, and Carina Berg, 38, met when they did the TV4 program “Good night, Sweden” in 2005.

Both had conditions in their hold, Luuk was tvåbarnspappa, and it took three years until they got engaged. In the same year they got married – on the sly.

Carina Berg was hand-picked by Kristian Luuk to “Good night, Sweden", which was her tv debut. The program was in all honesty in no huge success, and was canceled after the first season.

But even if the tv audience was ice cold as it hit, the more sparks around between Luuk and Mountains. When the relationship became known, they were quickly celebrity-Sweden’s hottest couples.

Carina Berg told in the magazine Yourlife that she directly knew that Kristian Luuk was the right one. It clicked on momangen.

It took more than a month from hi to oh, hello! It is so amazingly simple when you laugh together a lot throughout the day.

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Also in the question of whether to have children, she felt safe.

I felt it very strongly when I got together with Kristian, that I wanted to have children with him, told Berg in Yourlife.

But in the beginning of the relationship, they chose to lie low, there were other loved ones to take into account. Kristian Luuk was married and had two children after a long-term relationship.

then ask for a divorce was tough, he has told earlier in an interview with the newspaper We. His brother and a jobbarkompis set up as a sounding board when Luuk wanted to dwell on.

” They were there despite the fact that it was my “fault” that we parted, it was I who left. Don’t forget too that I had a cushion to land on, Carina did the same trip as me.

Told me about the shame after divorce

In the podcast “Luuk &Lokko’ told Kristian Luuk later if their remorse after the divorce. Only when his former wife several years ago, met a new man, started the guilt to fade, he explained in the pod.

In may of 2008, changed the Mountains and Luuk rings and got engaged. In the autumn of the same year they took out hindersprövning, which is a requirement if one is to marry.

In an interview with the magazine Plaza Woman told Carina Berg and his happy life with Kristian Luuk.

– There are not any that I laugh more than him. I laugh so much to him for he is the sickest person I have ever met. And he laughs so much at me. I never feel so damn stylish and fun as when I am with him.

She also revealed for Plaza Woman that the pair bought a house together.

Berg and Luuk got married in secret

The Lucia 2008 they got married in a very hush-hush, in the company of a smaller number of guests.

– Since we are so public, we want to make these private things very intimate and small, ” said Kristian Luuk in the newspaper Aftonbladet.

the Couple had a child together, a son who is seven years old today.

Kristian Luuk told in an interview with the Swedish newspaper Expressen Pascal Engman two years ago about his strong feelings for Carina Berg.

You seem incredibly in love with Carina?

” Yes.” It is I, really. It is fun to be there after ten years. That it is not waning. But she has been incredibly important in my life, inspired me and got me to look at the world in a different way, said Luuk.

2012, Carina Berg to work for Channel 5, where she played in “Berg & Meltzer,” with Christine Meltzer. A program that meant a lot of travel.

Kristian Luuk is twice the current in the SVT with both “On Track” and the “Question ” Lund”.

To work together again has been out of the question, according to both Kristian Luuk and Carina Berg. All in order not to jeopardize the love and the relationship.

” We thought of it and if there is a risk that our relationship would be affected by that we are working together so there are no points to do it, Carina Berg told Expressen.


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