Sunday, October 2, 2016

Viewers raging after the miss in the Summer – Aftonbladet

A player in the Summer changed number during the Färgfemman and won a car.

Now, the plummeting of viewers with the programme and claim that the player had time to change despite the fact that the color of the cover has already been revealed.

the gaming board to investigate the incident.
– I am sorry if someone is upset, says Ingvar Oldsberg.

During the game "Färgfemman" in Sunday’s Entertainment occurred in a miss that got the viewers to rage against the program.

"Cheating with färgfemman!!", writing a upset viewers on Bingolottos Facebook page.

the Game goes to a lucky winner via the telephone to turn on the 25 gaps. Behind the doors are color-coded prizes such as trips, a car, and like most, a million dollars.

Under the program, the player chooses door number 13. But after that the show host Ingvar Oldsberg, 71, started to turn on the flip regret the player itself. He wants the number 15 instead.

According to the angry viewers, it appeared that the gap 13 was green – which means that the player would have won the groceries. The change meant that he won a car instead.
– It is not simply to hear what he says. There is audience there, a lot of people around. Therefore, I ask again and he said number 15. So I turned 15 and then he won the car and they were thrilled, ” explains Oldsberg.

"I am sorry"

Oldsberg regret the fact that the viewers feel that it has been used fraudulently and is angry.

” I am sorry if anyone is upset over it. But of course, there is nothing that is predetermined fuskmässigt. There is no planned cheats.

Oldsberg points out that he thinks that people should be happy about the profits iställlet.
– All supposed to be happy that he won a car.

He also points out that he does not know how Performers should act in order to avoid similar situations from happening.
– I don’t know how to handle it in the future, purely out dagt. If you don’t almost have an examiner sit there and say, ‘here’s what they said 14, said here the 22, here’s what they said 18′. To in the broadcast, it is not a hundred easily.

Kitty is being investigated

Summer has submitted an incident report to the gaming board, which shall investigate whether any wrong has been committed.

Now to Afghanistan, send the video to the authority.

“We have just been informed about this and has appointed a programme officer who will look at to store the data in the morning to see what happened and if it failed somewhere,” says My Films, presskommunikatör at the gaming board.


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