Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wahlgrens response after the Hammars harsh criticism – the Express newspaper

profile Filip Hammar targeted at the beginning of August, the sharp criticism of Micael Bindefeld.

He accused the party fixer for that in the tv production of “Celebration of the Bindefeld” have called the work of “refugee Camps”.

Now gives Pernilla Wahlgren into the conflict and confirms what husvagnslägret was named.

“We called ourselves the refugee camp – for fun,” she says in the podcast “Gry and Anders with Guests”.

Micael Bindefeld, 57, has received criticism for how he should have dealt with the production at the recording of the tv program “Party in Bindefeld” in Channel 5. Two months ago accused Filip, 41, a party fixer for, among other things, have called a work of “refugee camp”.

In the podcast “Gry and Anders with Guests,” says now: Pernilla Wahlgren, 48, to husvagnslägret where the production of around 30 people lived, actually called “refugee camp”.

” It was, for example, that Mike had called husvagnslägret where we lived for the “refugee camps”. But it was a joke. Sofia and I lived there also, ” says the artist about Filip Hammar allegations.

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Pernilla Wahlgren tells us in the podcast that Micael Bindefeld is sometimes pedantic, and he can be tough as a manager, “know it all”. But she has not been in any conflict with him, and she doesn’t want to speak for anyone else who may be more “lättkänslig”.

Wahlgren compare the tv-production on 30 people with the five who have played in “Wahlgrens” and she has the understanding that Micael Bindefeld did not want that all would live in his house. The artist also describes the husvagnsavdelningen that they lived in that cosy.

– Where we called ourselves “refugee camps” – on a whim, ” she says in the podcast.

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Pernilla Wahlgren speaks also of the conflict between Filip and Micael Bindefeld. She says it would be one thing if He been ill-treated himself, but that it becomes difficult when he is someone else’s action.

Micael Bindefeld says that it was not he who started calling the workplace and tältanläggningen for “refugee camps” but it was someone else who did it. He adds that he was there every day and praised those who had fixed tältanläggningen and said it was incredibly neat.

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