Sunday, January 8, 2017

Craftsmen looking for love in the new TV3-bet – financial times

Nöjesbladet reveal: Here is the new dejtingshowen: "They wanted to prove themselves macho"

They would not be solid.

Now looking for 18 craftsmen love in TV3′s new dejtsatsning "Handy man wanted".

Nailed the dates?

Someone to thread with?

can Now Nöjesbladet reveal that TV3 sounds three singelkvinnor combine dating and the renovation in the new "Handy man wanted" premiered at the beginning of February. Each of the women receives the visit of the six craftsmen who help to transform their home to inredningsporr – and vie for their favor at the same time.

– It is a "home at last" who crashed "Farmer seeks wife", says Johanna Björk, 37, who got his house in the skåne Vellinge invaded by sällskapshungriga hantverkshunkar and myself got the chicken in tuppgården after her hair notified her to the program.

– I thought I would get to work more than I got, but the guys wanted to prove to the macho, so I got it right chill. I walked around and talked, and got sometime to say "like that, I would not have it".

"Got bossa as the roosters

In each section will be one of the men supervisors over their rivals in a variety of projects such as a kitchen or living room.

– They got bossa over the other roosters as well, but they came very well, ” she says.

it Was a great way to find love, pure dejtmässigt?

– It is quite difficult to get to know someone in depth when you have a film camera a mile away and always connected with the microphone. It’s probably not a way I would recommend, but it is sick fun, ” she says.

But for the TV3 format is no coincidence.

– Just dating and renovation are two popular tv genres and the unique thing is that we now combine these. Just artisans ports high on the list of several surveys of the profession, women prefer that a potential partner has, say, MTG’s head of media relations Susanne Nylén.

"Have forgiven the barber"

Johanna Björk does not want to reveal how hot känslolågorna burns in the series, but have contact with several of the men yet, half a year later.

– It may be shown during the programme but… I can say that it has been a lovely summer.

So you’re not mad at your hair?

– No, I have forgiven Cissi for long time ago, actually, ” she says and laughs.


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