Saturday, January 7, 2017

Låtsasperson borrowed thousands of books – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

the American Chuck Finley seems to be a real bookworm. Over a nine month period in 2016, he borrowed a total of 2 361 from the library East lake county library, Florida.

however, There is a mysterious fact with the persistent borrowing: Chuck Finley is not on really. A few employees of the library found on him, with a false address, in order to ensure that certain books were on loan, writes the Orlando Sentinel.

If a book has been loaned to the government within a year, flag the library’s computer system automatically in order to have it removed, and according to the parties explanations was the point is merely that the employees wanted to keep the books.

Låtsasläsaren Chuck Finley, whose career as one seems to be the end of it, however, is not completely fictional. The name is taken from a baseball player who was professionally active between 1986 and 2002.


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