Thursday, January 5, 2017

Must gitt – a swinging dramakomedi – Sveriges Radio

Film name: Must gitt
Director: Ivica Zubak
Actor: Lena Endre, Shebly Niavarani, Can Demirtas, David Nzinga, Jörgen Thorsson
Genre: Dramakomedi
Score: 4 of 5

Zubak for a new tone in Swedish film.

Metin is smågangstern blowing the Pawnshop on expensive watches, which really are copies. And in his notebook he writes down his crimes – big and small.

But life must be something more, something greater, know Metin. He is looking for to the drama school.

In one of the film’s nyckelscener he’s playing in front of the white medelklassjuryn up his life as förortsgangster. But the jury do not think that his audition of real life are enough fake authentic for to work as a theatre.

As the literature is good his story is excellent, it turns out, when a publisher gets hold of Metins notebook and want to give it out as a novel.

Ivica Zubak plays up the familiar prejudices: the suburb and the working class cultivates authenticity, while the town and the middle class creates fiction. And of course, he could have broken up the stencils, but it had become a different film.

Now he with easy care elements together that look inconsistent on paper. It will be a utvecklingsdrama about a young man in an uncaring world with the help of the art come into contact with their emotions, yes a bit in the style of the French director Jaques Audiards “the beat that My heart skipped”. It is also an apt satire on a kulturelit who want to wear the suburb as an accessory.

Zubak for a custom tone in american movie – unpretentious, fearless, and confident. More adult than Josef Fares and more here and now than Ulf Malmros.

It is really just the setting with the memory of Metins dad who gets an unnecessary sentimental elements in a movie that otherwise turns so it is hard to sit still.


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