Friday, January 6, 2017

The killer whale Tilikum is dead – was 36 years old – Aftonbladet

Was taken from the parents, suffered and killed three

He killed three people, which generated great criticism against the farming of wild killer whales.

today, the killer whale Tilikum died, 36 years old, writes TMZ.

According to the site, it is still unclear what killed the animal, who was 36 years old. Since march last year, he has been with health problems, in the recent past was being treated for a bacterial infection.

Pulled down the coach in the ponytail

Tilikum killed a person at Seaworld in Orlando six years ago. Trainer Dawn Brancheau, 40, was just about to start a show with a killer whale in February 2010, when she was pulled down into the water before the shocked spectators. He had taken grip with their teeth into her ponytail, when the six-ton killer whale appeared, pulled Brancheau down into the basin. The hair came off, but the killer whale took a new grip, and the trainer drowned. Witnesses on site told us how the female trainer was thrown around in the aquarium before she died.

Tilikum was also involved in two other deaths in the 90′s: 1991 died 20-year-old coach Keltie Byrne when she worked with the elections. Eight years later, died on the 27-year-old Daniel Dukes after that, he, without permission, jumped down in the späckhuggarens basin.

Suffered by the other killer whales

Deaths created sharp criticism of animal husbandry of wild animals. The CNN documentary "Blackfish" touched späckhuggarens life in captivity, and created the wild protests against the water park. Captivity, and that he had been taken away from their parents from the Island in 1983, it was stated to induce aggression. He should also have had been bullied by the other orcas.

The park’s revenue to plummet, and the park to build their facilities.

Now mourn the Seaworlds ceo Joel Manbo death.

– Tilikum had and will continue to have a special place in the hearts of us in the Seaworldfamiljen, as well as millions of other people who he inspired the world over. My thoughts go out to the team was his family, ” he says to the AP.


the Animal had a large fan base and has evoked other feelings: in the end of 2010, Mötley Crüe-drummer Tommy Lee in an open letter, and criticized Seaworlds management of späckhuggarens semen.

– After what SeaWorlds head of security said, we know that they get his sperm through to someone, go down to the pool and lets him masturbation in a kovagina filled with hot water. Not even in my wildest days with Mötley Crüe, I could dream of something so sick and screwed, he wrote.


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