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Trump and the “La la land” at the Golden Globes – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun the romance of The ” comedie musicale “La la land” broke the record during last night’s Golden Globe gala with seven statuettes. Among other things, took the home the prize for best musical/comedy. But galan also came to be about Trump and the u.s. elections.

“La la land” was the focus right from the start: the gala began with a comic interpretation of the opening scene in the romantic ” comedie musicale, which then dominated the awards ceremony. The film took home all categories it was nominated in, and with their seven statuettes took over the record in the number of rates at one and the same the Golden Globe gala from rekordhållarna “Gökboet” and “Midnight express”.


Ryan Gosling won in the category of best actor, musical/comedy, and said when he received the statyetten that he would “split the price into three parts” and give motspelerskan Emma Stone, and director Damien Chazelle for a piece. However, it was not necessary because both the Stone and Chazelle later got to go up on stage and receive statuettes. Chazelle got the prize for both best screenplay and best director. While Stone, like Gosling, her kärleksintresse in the film, won in the category of best female in a leading role musical/comedy.

the Prices of the gala is usually seen as a hint about how it will go at the Oscars in the same year, and if the fingervisningen is true, it looks very good for the “La la land”, which has its Premiere in sweden on January 27. The film also set an end for Sweden’s chances to win when the won in the category of best originallåt with the song “City of stars”. Max Martin and Johan “Shellback” schuster’s was nominated in the category for “Trolls”-the song “Can’t stop the feeling”.

the Trump in the line of fire

Jimmy Fallon was harshly criticized when he ruffled about Donald Trumps significant haircut in “The tonight show” in september 2016. Many believed that he will, by his uncritical and friendly attitude including the regularization of the Trumps nationalism, and views on migration. Trump won the presidential election, and before the gala, the question was whether Fallon would make the bot in his role as host of the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

he did and started to go to the attack on the u.s. elections and the president-elect. “This is the Golden Globes, one of the few places in the U.S. where you can still recognize who got the most votes,” he said.

But Trump was attacked from many directions. When the actress Meryl Streep received an honorary award for his life’s work in the film, she devoted nearly all his speech to the scathing criticism of Trump and describe his heartache for his conduct and policies. The audience sat completely silent while she said that, “disrespect begets disrespect”, pressed on the importance of diversity and encouraged everyone to stand strong in the face of attacks against the free press. But when she summed up Hollywood with an unspoken swipe directed against Trump broke hurraropen out at the Beverly Hilton Hotel:

- Hollywood is full of “outsiders” and foreigners. If we throw them out we have nothing to look at in addition to (american) football and MMA. And it’s not art, ” she said.

And Streeps voice broke when she finished with a nod to the deceased actress Carrie Fisher:

- That, my friend, the dear princess Leia once said to me: “Take your broken heart and make it art”.

Facts: Some of the winners

Best picture, drama:


the Best film, comedy/musical:

“La la land”

Best drama series:

“The crown.”

Best actor, drama:

Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the sea”

Best actress, drama:

Isabelle Huppert, “Elle”

Best actor in a leading role, musical/comedy:

Ryan Gosling, “La la land”

Best actress, musical/comedy:

Emma Stone, “La la land”

Best foreign language film:

“Elle” (France)

Best director:

David Chazelle: “La la land”

Best screenplay:

David Chazelle: “La la land”

Best animated film:



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