Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bobbi Kristina’s aunt thrown from the funeral – Aftonbladet

Yesterday was transferred Bobbi Kristina Brown to his final rest.

But the funeral degenerated quickly.

Her aunt and aunt smoke together – at the ceremony.

Bobbi Kristina Brown funeral in Alpharetta, yesterday was not a worthy setting. On the contrary. Instead, it became a drama between her parents’ genealogies – Houston and Brown.

According to CNN to be Leolah Brown , Bobbi Kristina’s aunt, have been thrown out. This after she vebalt attacked the star daughter’s aunt Pat Houston , who spoke at the funeral.

– Everything went very well until Pat started talking, I did not like it, said Leolah Brown told the press call-up outside the church.

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According to the site The Wrap will feud between the two women have started when Pat Houston started a foundation in Bobbi Kristina’s name and asked people to donate money. This did not fall on fertile ground in Leolah Brown, who believes that the foundation and Bobbi Kristina’s name is used as Houston’s “own benefit.”

Neither the public – or Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon – was welcome during the funeral ceremony. However, these measures led to say no to peace and quiet – and the schism between the families do not seem to be over.

– There will be a long, drawn-out thing, said Leolah Brown after the funeral.


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