Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Calls the new “Millennium” – book of tomb looting – Expressen

The release of the new “Millennium” book is a mockery of Stieg Larsson.

It states the author’s childhood friends Svante Brandén and Anders Lindblom in a debate article in DN.

They call it a “grave looting” and a “circus”.

The late author Stieg Larsson’s childhood friends resemble David Lagercrantz upcoming book in the “Millenium” series at a “grave looting”. The debate topic in DN writes Svante Brandén and Anders Lindblom that it is a mockery of Stieg Larsson who deeply disliked the commercialization of society. They want heirs prohibited to exploit deceased artists by law.

Brandén and Lindblom describes Stieg Larsson as an empathetic person with great integrity and the idea that someone other than he’s using his own characters feel dizzy. They argue that it is the author’s father and brother, Erland and Joakim Larsson, who stands behind what they call the exploitation of his work.

In an article in Expressen, from June 21, giving Erland and Joakim Larsson examples writing that continued after his death, as Ian Fleming and Agatha Christie. Debaters other hand, argues that the two “pure entertainment writers” can be compared to Stieg Larsson’s novel projects.

“Let Stieg authorship rest in peace, and with it his characters,” concludes the.


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