Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Four new names ready for the Masters champions: “Did the death panic Hope” – Aftonbladet

Biathlete Bjorn Ferry and Armwrestler Heidi Andersson are ready for SVT’s “Masters champion.”

They are joined by enduro driver Anders Eriksson and footballer Hanna Marklund.

– Me and Bjorn was asked in common, and then it felt instantly fun, says Heidi Andersson.

Four new participants are ready for the next Season of SVT’s hit programs “Masters champion,” reports Express.

It’s biathlete Bjorn Ferry , Armwrestler Heidi Andersson , enduro driver Anders Eriksson and former football player Hanna Marklund , who accepted the competition.

Has previously said no

In Björn Ferry’s autobiography “Ferry Tales”, he wrote that he and his wife Heidi Andersson previously been asked to participate in “Eternal Glory” but then declined. Now they have thus changed. The reason is that they may participate together.

– Me and Bjorn was asked in common, and then it felt instantly fun. We have not had time to be seen so much during our careers, so we’ll see it as an opportunity to socialize, says Heidi Andersson.

To compete against their partner thinks she will not be any problems.

– We are racing people both, but usually do not have trouble for that. I like to compete both against and with Björn. If we get to be in the same team during a team competition, we become a cruel team, she says.

“Do not think it will go so well”

But she is not very confident profit.

– I am so incredibly branch specific, I’m really armwrestler, so I do not have as high expectations of myself. I do not think it will go so amazingly good.

What events are you most nervous about?

– I have real bogey when it comes to great heights and hope. I can climb as long as I get hold of anything, but I have to jump … damn. It would be fatal panic. Since I am not so fond of numbers.

Sent in our

Since the former table tennis player Jörgen Persson , jockey Inez Karlsson , orienteer Karolina Höjsgaard and floorball player Niklas Jihde clear program.

The upcoming season of “Masters Champion” will be the eighth in the order, and will be broadcast in spring 2016. The program starts to be recorded in Spain in September.

Last season was won by hockey player Danijela Rundqvist .


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