Saturday, August 1, 2015

Summer in P1 1/8: Bea Akerlund – Göteborgs-Posten

Star stylist Bea Åkerlund’s success story is like taken out of a Hollywood movie, where the surface is everything.

Bea Akerlund’s life changes when she was fourteen years old must choose to live with their father in Sweden or go with mother to Los Angeles. She chooses Los Angeles.

After Östermalm have done everything to fit in with bomber jacket and white Nivealäppar she is in Los Angeles bullied because she does not have the right tube socks and stonewashed Guess jeans. That’s when Bea Akerlund decides to stop trying to fit in.

For Bea Akerlund is clothes an expression of creativity and a way to find himself and his identity. Since the family has pinched fill Bea Akerlund their wardrobe with second-hand clothes, and be appointed to finish the best dressed at his high school.

Clothing also becomes her salvation from the drugs and decadence that go from jointar and underground clubs to crystal meth. She tightens to itself, work hard and get to the end style of Madonna and Lady Gaga.

Bea Akerlund celebrates outsider and in a very American way she talks about the importance of hard work and dare to be yourself. She tells of how she thanks her wear could create a profession of their shopping addiction. But the consumer society backs mentions she does not, nor does the fashion industry.

It’s exciting to hear about the star shine in Los Angeles and Bea Akerlund’s drive and passion is inspiring. But in her profession, the surface is the most important and also the Summer chatter stops there.


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