Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer in P1 6/8: Daniel Poohl – Göteborgs-Posten

But a love story thread weaves Daniel Poohl, president of the Expo, its history of why “to keep people apart are the most dangerous idea of ​​all.”

It is always pleasurable to listen to a good storyteller and Daniel Poohl know exactly what he should do. The common thread is the love story of his mother and Michel from Lebanon. A story he wraps around his work against racism, xenophobia and right-wing extremism.

It is about the childhood of the industrial community and the refugees who came from the Balkan war. How he played football with their new neighbors but how classmates responded with hatred, fear and Ultima Thule. It is insightful when Daniel Poohl describes his eleven year old self and the time when “the world is opening and choosing side in things that do not just apply yourself.”

Daniel Poohl becomes active anti-racist. Quiet, prudent, objective and eloquent, he talks about how he as a reporter on the magazine Expo infiltrated the National Democrats, the colleague Stieg Larsson taught him the craft in both journalism which to roll a cigarette without spillage.

Daniel Poohl twist and turn the question of their identity. Class trip, of course, but also the realization that there are going to be many different things at once. He talks about to forgive and understand themselves and others and the need to meet others. “To keep people apart are the most dangerous, and most stupid idea, man has created.”, He said.

There is so much that is strange, cold and nasty directly in the Swedish debate right now. Therefore it is good to hear someone take everything down to basics – it is only with love, respect, humility and curiosity we become people facing each other.

The last sentence: As long as there are limits will love to cross them. One hand in hand, a ring around a finger and then the words “you’re perfect”.

music Among other things, Darkness on the edge of town with Springsteen, Nice weather with Latin Kings and Goliath with Laleh.

Summer Host 7/8: Magdalena Gerger, president and CEO of Systembolaget.


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